Beginners Aesthetician Course


The course includes:

  • Level 2 Facial Skin Care
  • Level 3 Principles of Cosmetic Practice
  • Level 4 Laser & Light Treatments
  • Level 4 Advanced Skin Studies – Chemical Peels
  • Level 4 Advanced Skin Studies – Skin-Needling
  • Level 5 Laser Tattoo Removal
  • Opening Your Own Clinic Business Workshop

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Product Description

You do not need to have any prior beauty or aesthetic industry experience or qualifications for this course as it is tailored for complete beginners looking to either open their own aesthetics business or to work within a clinic. The course is made up of home study and in house practical training. You must complete your home study and assignments before attending the practical dates at
the academy (listed below).

By the end of the course you be qualified and able to perform in the following:

Level 2 Facial Skin Care
Level 3 Principles of Cosmetic Practice
Level 4 Laser & Light Treatments
Level 4 Chemical Peels
Level 4 Skin Needling
Level 5 Tattoo Removal

Plus a business workshop with our business director to assist with licensing, insurance, website creation, administration, analysing your competitors, social media management, booking system selection, accounting, service menu creation,
pricing, stock control, product brand selection, equipment selection and sourcing, branding and marketing.
As soon as you have booked onto the course, you will receive all of your at home training materials so you can get started straight away!

Course cost: £4750.00

We recommend a minimum of 8 weeks home study before attending to ensure you have enough time to revise your course materials and complete your assignments. We will out together a personal study schedule for you to follow up until your practical dates you have chosen to attend (listed below). Everyone learns at different speeds and will have different amounts of time they can dedicate to study so this can be tailored to your personal needs. You have 2 years from booking to complete your home study, attend the practical sessions (listed below) at the academy and pass your exams. We require a £500 deposit to book your place on the course, the remaining amount must be paid in full or in installments by the last day of your course. As soon as you have made your deposit you will receive all of your at home training materials so you can get started right away. After the course we are always on hand for any advice or questions after completion. We have a lot of contacts and connections in the industry who keep us posted with any
vacancies they may have just for our students. Please feel at ease as we have a very comfortable and approachable teaching
environment as we work with complete beginners, some who have never been in the industry before so it is completely new to them and we’d love to have you on board. Once you have completed your practicals and exam day*, you will then receive your official certificate from the awarding body (CIBTAC or Habia depending on the course unit).

*Please note that you may only sit your exam once all portfolios and coursework have been completed. You can only sit your laser exam once you have completed 4 case studies, these can be completed at our venue or your own with sufficient evidence. You may be required to sit your exam on a future rotation exam date if you need more time to complete coursework or case studies.

  • 2020 Rotation 3 (Fully booked)
  • Level 4 Laser Part 1 1st & 2nd September
    Level 4 Laser Part 2 8th & 9th September
    Level 5 Tattoo Removal 13th September


  • 2020 Rotation 4
    Level 3 Cosmetic Principles 15th September
    Level 2 Facials 15th, 16th, 17th September
    Level 4 Chemical Peels 22nd September
    Level 4 Skin Needling 23rd September
  • Level 4 Laser Part 1 29th & 30th September
    Level 4 Laser Part 2 6th & 7th October
    Level 5 Tattoo Removal 8th October
  • Exam Day (Levels 2 & 3) 14th October
    Exam Day (Level 4) 15th October


  • 2020 Rotation 5
    Level 3 Cosmetic Principles 20th October
    Level 2 Facials 20th, 21st & 22nd October
    Level 4 Chemical Peels 27th October
    Level 4 Skin Needling 28th October
    Level 4 Laser & Light Part 1 3rd & 4th November
    Level 4 Laser & Light Part 2 10th & 11th November
    Level 5 Tattoo Removal 12th November
    Exam Day (Levels 2 & 3) 18th November
    Exam Day (Level 4) 19th November


  • 2020 Rotation 6
    Level 3 Cosmetic Principles 24th November
    Level 2 Facials 24th, 25th & 26th November
    Level 4 Chemical Peels 1st December
  • Level 4 Skin Needling 2nd December
    Level 4 Laser & Light Part 1 7th & 8th December
  • Level 4 Laser & Light Part 2 9th & 10th December
    Level 5 Tattoo Removal 14th December
    Exam Day (Levels 2 & 3) 15th December
    Exam Day (Level 4) 16th December

If you have any questions regarding our courses please get in contact with our team:

Academy Main Office: 0207 101 3502